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Picture a day when we go from the city

Carryin’ umbrellas case it rains

Just you and me.

I’ll be a rabbit, you a gopher

Gamb’lin’ together in the field

It might be fun.

Under a tree I’ll sing you a love song

Look in your eyes and ask where the food’s gone

Notice a rabbit laughing far away.

Then when the sun sets, we’ll speak very softly

Holding each other in the rain

Just you and me, just you and me.

Go to the car to find the umbrella

Find ayoung fella take our car

Way down the road.

Walk a few miles to find us a pay phone

Search ev’ry where and find that the dime’s gone

Borrow a dime, call and nobody’s there.

Hitchin’ a ride on the New Jersey Turnpike

Notice a car that looks like mine

Race down the road.

Isn’t if fun to leave the hot city

Having the best time of your life

Just you and me, just you and me

Just you and me.


Words and Music by Dan Wolf

© 1975

© 2005